Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sock it to Me

I just began knitting about a year ago. For many years I tried to teach my self and always ended up with knots. So finally one day I went out an purchased an instruction book written for children and whala !! I can knit. I did start with something easy, like a scarf. But not for long. I wanted to knit socks! So I found a book and went for it. It wasn't long before I found myself once again mired in knitting terms and unclear descriptions of what I was supposed to do. So this time I began a hunt on the internet for instructions. To my great joy I stumbled on one sight that had very clear directions and low and! Not the kind of pictures that look like a near sighted baboon took but close up and very clear pictures. In no time at all I had my first pair of socks. I loved them. They were warm and soft and cute and now every one in my family wanted a pair. So now I'm knitting socks and more socks. I've been using my wooden DPNs so much that they have a curve in them. Then yesterday one broke! Quick trip to the local store and now I have 7 size 2 DPNs. Well at lest I have back up.

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